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Предметы ювелирного искусства

There are 389 works of art in this category

Brooch with a Topaz in Original Case


Walking Stick with Watch and Musical Mechanism


Woman's Temple Pendant (Kolt)






Snuff-Box with Compass

Jupiter with an Eagle

Laminated Solid Bracelet

Snuffbox with the Portrait of Madame de Combalet, Duchesse d'Aiguillon

Petitot, Jean I. 1607-1691

Snuff-Box with Portraits of Louis XV and Maria Leszczyńska

Necklace with a Cross and Pendants

Фарфор, фаянс, керамика

There are 7664 works of art in this category

Dessert Plate Decorated with a View of Lanyon Quoit in Cornwall

Dinner Plate

Dinner Plate

Salt-Cellar Shaped like a Shell

Dinner Plate

Cover for the Bowl

Pumpkin-shaped Vase

Dessert Plate Depicting a Fox Devouring a Bird

Cup and Saucer with a Coral Square and a Black Circle


Dessert Plate Ornamented with a View near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Dinner Plate

Cream Cup with Lid Surmounted by a Flower

Vase with a Portrait of Empress Maria Feodorovna and the Heir of the Throne, Tsarevich Nikolai Alexandrovich


Dish Showing Two Sibylls and Signs of the Zodiac

Текстиль, шпалеры

There are 1176 works of art in this category

Textile Sample

Tapestry: A Fragment of a Border

Textile Sample

Textile Sample

Textile Sample

Textile Sample

Textile Sample

Textile Sample

Embroidered Picture "The Founding of Moses"

Border Embroidered with a Grotesque Motif

Textile Sample

Textile Sample

Popular Print Depicting Keyumars, a Legendary King of Iran

Textile Sample

Textile Sample

Tapestry: Nymph Leading Horses

Костюм, обмундирование, аксессуары

There are 927 works of art in this category

Band for the Decoration of a Chirch Vestment

Ceremonial Mace of a Doorman of the Imperial Court

Sampler for a Camisole Embroidery with a Branch with Flowers Motif


Evening Dress of V.V. Karakhan


Folding Fan

Priest's Vestment: Epitrachelion


Stole from a Silver Brocade with Golden Embroidery

Officer's Uniform, Used by the Escort Convoy, which Belonged to Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolayevich

Evening Dress of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna


Uniform (Tail-coat Type) of the Officer of the Life Guards Regiment of Chasseurs

Folding Fan which Belonged to Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna

Headdress of Empress Maria Feodorovna